‘American Idol’ Vs ‘X Factor’-Ladies Be Buttin’ Heads

The Daily Mail reports that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t know who U.K. X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is.  She told Fabulous Magazine, “Someone mentioned (Cheryl) to me yesterday.  She is a singer, right?  I don’t know much about her and I don’t know her music.  But I would be happy to learn about it.”  Alrighty then.  Well, Cole is from a quasi-Spice Girls band called Girls Aloud and became a judge on the U.K. edition of X Factor in 2008.  She was married to footballer Ashley Cole, but divorced him in September amid reports of his infidelity.  Now Cole is jonesin’ for a spot on the US edition of X Factor, debuting next Fall.

It’s been said that Simon Cowell is a little hesitant to bring Cole on as a judge, since her star power in the US isn’t that strong.  Hey, we’ve taken nobodies and turned them into superstars before.  And besides, people weren’t sure they’d warm up to Posh and Becks when they first came stateside, and now look at them!  I think Lopez is showing her teeth to let X Factor and Cowell know that she’s the singing competition queen.  No room for two divas.

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Goodness knows when Cowell will make his decision on the remaining spots.  L.A. Reid is the only confirmed judge, and Cowell has been oh-so-mum on who else he’ll select.  I do hope he’ll bring Cole to the US edition.  I believe she’ll be just as successful here as she is back in England.  Plus, Americans love the British accent (You know you do. Don’t make that face at me).

Flip through our gallery to see who made love to the camera better.  Lopez appeared on Extra to debut her single “On The Floor” March 3rd.  Cole hit the red carpet at the Prince’s Trust Awards March 23rd in London.