‘American Idol’ Shocker! WTF Happened Last Night?

The F-Bombs were flying last night on American Idol during the most bleeped episode ever, and rightfully so. What the hell happened last night? From the appearance of Hulk Hogan, to Casey Abrams being almost voted off, to Casey Abrams’ near panic attack, last night’s episode was one wild ride.

Oh, and Steven Tyler was serenaded for his birthday and was presented with a cake and a self-portrait.

Back to the elimination. Idol revealed to fans and news two of their bottom three – Thia Megia and Stefano Langone. Remaining on the stage was Haley Reinhart and favorite Casey Abrams. Most had predicted Reinhart to be eliminated. And with that, Ryan Seacrest revealed that simply news critics were wrong – Reinhart was advancing, Abrams was sent to the bottom three.

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The biggest stunner: Casey, one of the top singers this season, was the lowest vote-getter, meaning he would narrowly miss out on a spot in the American Idol summer tour. Casey was left to sing for his life to avoid elimination. But before he finished the song, all three judges saved him. And with that, came two more elements of the “shocking news”. No one was eliminated, all Top 11 will go on tour, and next week is double elimination bringing up to Idol’s Top 9.

Abrams was visibly shaken after the judges announced they were using their one-time-only power to keep him in the competition. “God, I can’t believe it,” said Abrams, who battled ulcerative colitis in the hospital two weeks ago.

My guesses as to why Casey got the least votes – the public didn’t bother to vote because they thought he would be safe, the voters are tired of the judges praise, or the viewers just really can’t stand his “uniqueness.”

Watch the video last night’s almost elimination after the jump. Are you shocked that Casey garnered the least votes? Share your thoughts in the comments.