‘American Idol’ Shocker! WTF Happened Last Night?

March 25th, 2011 // 20 Comments

The F-Bombs were flying last night on American Idol during the most bleeped episode ever, and rightfully so. What the hell happened last night? From the appearance of Hulk Hogan, to Casey Abrams being almost voted off, to Casey Abrams’ near panic attack, last night’s episode was one wild ride.

Oh, and Steven Tyler was serenaded for his birthday and was presented with a cake and a self-portrait.

Back to the elimination. Idol revealed to fans and news two of their bottom three – Thia Megia and Stefano Langone. Remaining on the stage was Haley Reinhart and favorite Casey Abrams. Most had predicted Reinhart to be eliminated. And with that, Ryan Seacrest revealed that simply news critics were wrong – Reinhart was advancing, Abrams was sent to the bottom three.

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The biggest stunner: Casey, one of the top singers this season, was the lowest vote-getter, meaning he would narrowly miss out on a spot in the American Idol summer tour. Casey was left to sing for his life to avoid elimination. But before he finished the song, all three judges saved him. And with that, came two more elements of the “shocking news”. No one was eliminated, all Top 11 will go on tour, and next week is double elimination bringing up to Idol’s Top 9.

Abrams was visibly shaken after the judges announced they were using their one-time-only power to keep him in the competition. “God, I can’t believe it,” said Abrams, who battled ulcerative colitis in the hospital two weeks ago.

My guesses as to why Casey got the least votes – the public didn’t bother to vote because they thought he would be safe, the voters are tired of the judges praise, or the viewers just really can’t stand his “uniqueness.”

Watch the video last night’s almost elimination after the jump. Are you shocked that Casey garnered the least votes? Share your thoughts in the comments.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. American Idol Casey Abrams judges save
    Commented on this photo:

    Casey is so darn sweet and unbelievably talented. His reaction last night made me cry. He deserves to be one of the last in the finals. Thanks judges!!!

  2. Summers Mom

    We love you Casey!
    OMG- tears came to my eyes again as I watch that clip- he does not deserve to go home- he should be one of the LAST 3 remaining on the show, that I can live with!
    I thought he would die when Randy stopped his singing to save himself…way to go IDOL judges!

    • bree redwibe

      get off your ass america & VOTE for real talent!!! GO CASEY!!!!!

    • Ivor Longshot

      America did vote and it was a NO!

    • Americhic

      Ya, if you call America a bunch of twelve year old girls hitting redial on their cell phones, creaming over Stephan Langoni. The vote is not a real democracy. It’s whoever has the least amount of real life going on and more stupid time on their hands to sit there and vote all night long. Casey, average America is not on your level! Play on brother, play on!

    • Ivor Longshot

      Guess I won’t be going to watch them tour since he is on it. America said NO! America Knows Talent, Leave the vote to America. No Save. Roll on X Factor.

    • Vinny

      Bull. America doesn’t know crap about talent. This is the biggest popularity contest on television.

    • joe

      good dont go to the tour, you dont know talents anyways, get out of here Ivor Longshot your such a fan boy, learn how music is supposed to be played.

    • Barbara Allen

      Can’t stand Casey. Hope he gets voted off soon.

  3. sandee

    It was all a big publicity stunt in my book. Come on from the week before top favorite to the least votes. I don’t buy any of it. This is a perfect way to get viewers and to now push Casey to the top. This is where the judges and the show wan him to be. Nex week you’ll see who really got the least votes this week because they will both go home. Casey will be in to the end. I use to think AI wasn’t rigged. Last night gave me the doubts. I

  4. Prezels

    thank goodness for three in-the-know judges. casey’s talents, voice, versatile musicianship, perfect pitch and creativity definitely warranted saving. he is pure talent personified. others in the idol group are talented but clearly, not as strong as casey. perhaps it’s apathy on the part of viewers or perhaps just bad musical judgement, but one this is clear…no one was voting for excellence. casy is gifted. i wish him the best on idol, during the tour and in his, what will undoubtedly be, super successful professional career. he’s got the it factor.

  5. Mark

    What’s American Idol?

  6. American Idol Casey Abrams judges save
    Commented on this photo:

    Our fault! We love Casey with all his multi tallents. We thought he should be a contender for the final three. We and other people like us haven’t voted this year and that will change now. This year is going to be the boys in the top three. The girls are not as tallented. Thia came out of her shell last week, which kept her on the show. Pia is now close to going, how long can we sit and watch her just stand like a diva and sing. Maybe the Miss America pagent will fit her persona better. I loved Stefano but last week he let me down. He needs to look at the audience or camera and sing to us not his self. I always thought a guy was lying to me if he couldn’t look me in the eyes! Right now we like everyone else and will start voting to keep our favorites at the top!

  7. Sharyn

    Maybe Casey could tidy himself up a little and not look like the mountain man. He is a little scary. I get the impression he has been out hugging a bear or something or building log cabins. But definiitely talented. Definiitely shouldn’t be elimated. That episode was so raw.

  8. steph

    I totally don’t think Casey is that great at all. He screams when he sings; I had such high hope for him in the beginning, but his last two performances have left me underwhelmed.

  9. Ivor Longshot

    Casey is overrated and should have been eliminated. I hope he goes next week. America decided he was not good enough. There should be no save. It should be down to America and America said NO NO NO NO. He screams and shouts and well he headbutted Ryan in the nuts. There are better singers on this show who might really deserve to be saved.

  10. Margaret Laughlin

    What happened tonight, I can’t believe Pia was voted off. She in my opinion should have won, she has a beautiful voice and beautiful stage presents. My husband voted every week for her, now I am not sure we will even continue to watch idol. The judges saved Casey who is not even in her league. I am sure she will get a recording offer from someone but wouldn’t it have been nice if she could have been this year’s idol. The public sure got this vote wrong and idol has lost two weekly viewers.

  11. California fans

    Yes, Pia is the best singer for all of the contestants. We are done! We don’t watch screwed up show anymore! Very wrong wrong wrong wrong!

  12. Last time viewer

    The show had some credibility at one time, but I think this is finally the end for Idol. Pia may not have been “Miss Congeniality”, but when it came to singing, …she had it all over the others hands down, and as Simon used to say, “this IS a singing competition”, or at least it used to be. So sorry to see this happen. I am a long time viewer who will no longer be watching the show.

  13. Faye

    I have to tell you, I’m DONE watching America Idol for THIS season!!! There’s NO WAY, PIA, SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN VOTED OFF!

    This was a awful! ! I’m sure she’s NOT going to quit, and let her career “dry-up” as far as singing goes, but this was just wrong! I will NOT watch American Idol any more this season!!!!!!!!!

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