‘American Idol’ Judges From The Past, Present And Future [PHOTOS]

American Idol's Favorites
The Most Infamous Contestants In 'AI' History
The hit FOX reality TV show American Idol was the first of it’s kind. The first episode aired in 2002 and was the most watched television show from 2005-2011. It’s the only show to be number one for seven consecutive seasons and will go down in history as America’s favorite reality TV show.

By now, I can assume that everyone knows the premise of the show, but just in case some of you have been hiding under a rock for the past ten years, here goes! Contestants young and old, phenomenal and horrible, audition for a panel of judges made up of the most respected musical talents of all time. They judges do what they do best, judge. Some harsh, some polite, others downright rude. Either way, it makes for good television, which is why people continue to come back for more. As the contestants advance the show gets more glitzy and the singers that are enjoyable to listen to advance to the life-changing final rounds. What doesn’t change is the importance of the judges’ commentary. 

As one can only imagine, sitting behind a table listening to singers that range from hilariously bad to mediocre to genius could be emotionally taxing. When you’re sitting there disagreeing with the person you’ve spent the last three months sitting behind a table with things can and will get interesting. This is why the unbreakable original trio made up of Simon, Paula and Randy eventually did the unthinkable, and broke up.

Since then there has been a revolving door of new judges, the latest catastrophe being just days ago when it was announced that Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez were leaving the show. With one spot filled and one to go, who will be the next judge?

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(Personally, I’m going for fan favorite Adam Lambert.)