‘American Idol’: 10 Winners

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Another year, another whirlwind of Mariah covers, shocking results, amazing performances, and exciting moments on American Idol. Igniting the reality competition ten seasons ago, Idol was an instant success and is the father (grandfather?) of reality television. Throughout judge shifting, format alterations and Ryan Seacrest’s ever-changing hair, Idol has proven itself as a television staple.

In it’s eleventh season, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips (really, Phillip Phillip’s parents?) find themselves exhausted at the end of the road waiting for America to choose their next idol. If anyone can break the streak of cute white boys winning, Jessica and her powerful, booming voice can do it. Then again, Phillip Phillips is a cute white boy, so history could repeat itself for a fifth year in a row. Check out the gallery for a refresher of the previous Idol winners.