‘American Horror Story Coven’ Recap: Stevie Nicks Casts A Spell

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Well, look what the cat dragged in.

In the latest episode of FX’s American Horror Story Coven, Fiona is weakening as the supreme and instead of focusing on the survival of the coven against the witch hunters, she is looking out for priority one: herself.

And she needs Misty Day’s idol to play some tunes on the piano, wave her magical hand, and enchant even the most powerful of witches. She needs Stevie Nicks.

But first, Marie Laveau and Fiona have to figure out what to do with one another. Laveau’s entire Voodoo coven was destroyed by Hank, Cordelia’s witch hunting husband. But apparently Laveau’s got bigger fish to fry.

Years ago she made a deal with Papa Legba, a Voodoo spirit who acts as the middle man between mortality and the spirit world. Marie sold her soul for immortality, but also must make an offering to Legba every year in the form of an innocent soul. The first year she gave up her own baby. This year she stole another one from the hospital and makes two cops shoot one another. Classy.

Fiona was all motherly for awhile until she found out that Cordelia’s husband Hank is part of a hive of witch hunters. She slapped Cordelia silly and cursed her for bringing the worst upon them.

Fiona brings in Stevie Nicks to persuade Misty Day into taking on her new role as the supreme. Nicks woos Misty with song and give her a special shawl. But Madison is insanely jealous and she tricks Misty into entering a cemetery where she supposedly proves her powers by raising a dead man back to life and then shoving Misty into the empty coffin. Something tells me that Madison paid the dude to act dead.

Fiona and Marie decide to hit Hank’s father where it hurts: in the money crotch. The FBI comes into the witch hunting corporation with search and seizure warrants. The company is in trouble and Hank’s dad knows exactly who is causing the trouble. They need to kill those damned witches.

Fiona asks Marie how she has lived past her death date by over three hundred years. Marie tells the story of Papa Legba and her baby as well as the yearly offerings. When Legba comes to Fiona she asks him to grant her eternal life, even offering up Cordelia in the process. But because she so easily gives up her daughter Legba realizes there is nothing Fiona cares about more than herself and no way to hold power over such an evil soul, so he grants her nothing. Luckily, the ax man is there in spirit to make sure she knows he’ll help her take down the entire coven in order to remain the supreme.

Nan and Violet go to see Luke in the hospital only to find out that he died. Nan knows his mother is the culprit and she punishes her by drowning her with clorox bleach. Nan also finds the little baby Marie has stolen from the hospital and when they are about to kill him they decide instead to get rid of Nan. Papa Legba tells them that the soul must be innocent and since Nan just killed Luke’s mom she doesn’t exactly qualify. But he still takes Nan anyway.

Stevie Nicks is apparently still kicking around the joint and plays them a few more tunes to end the episode. As Stevie plays a song about death and longing Fiona sits alone and cries. I doubt anyone has much sympathy for her.