‘American Horror Story Coven’ Recap: ‘Protect The Coven’

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Delphine is at it again.

On the latest episode of FX’s American Horror Story Coven, viewers were shown a flashback of LaLaurie’s arrival from Paris to New Orleans. When one of her slaves is injured she offers to help, realizes a blood lust, and decides to torture the poor guy to death.

If you’re a viewer of this series you’d better have a strong stomach, because the writers certainly don’t hold back. Violence and blood dominated the story this week. Well, let’s be real, it’s practically every week.

Many are criticizing writer Ryan Murphy’s decision to show such terrible acts committed against slaves. While most people are aware that slaves endured the most terrible, is it truly necessary to exploit that pain? And is it ethical to aggrandize it?

The coven gathers together for Nan’s funeral. The girls are worried that Misty Day missing, Queenie is MIA, and now Nan and others are dropping like flies. Queenie shows up alive, dragging LaLaurie behind her on a chain. Apparently Queenie is adept at putting people back together, as well as killing Hank by shooting her own voodoo doll head. She believes she may be the next supreme as the witch hunter’s silver bullet wasn’t able to slay her.

Cordelia feels terrible for what Queenie has endured, but the girl gives her headmistress no forgiveness. She is full of sorrow over losing the gift of sight and continues to concoct potions to apply to her eyes. When those are ineffective, she creates another potion before gouging her new eyes out with a pair of garden sheers. Ouch!

Hank’s father is devastated that the government is on his corporation’s ass and wants to make a deal with Fiona and Marie. They meet and he offers a truce to the witch’s for one hundred years of peace. Fiona counters with a forever truce and the CEO’s home in New Orleans as well as his private jet for Marie. He refuses and the Axeman kills all of his associates and let’s Fiona finish him off.

LaLaurie gets back to being a maid at the academy, much to her chagrin. She helps the gardener with a cut on his hand and ends up killing him. After he dies, Spalding’s ghost shows up and asks LaLaurie to do him a favor in exchange for a potion that will render Marie Laveau mortal and thereby killable.

She buys him a coveted doll and he gives her allergy pills. She gives Marie the pills, but they obviously don’t take. Spalding pushes Marie down the stairs while everyone is out and suggests they bury her deep in the ground where she cannot escape. Then he keeps the baby Marie has been caring for that she almost sacrificed to Papa Legba. Will this baby carry on the coven even if these current witches are destroyed?

Myrtle Snow is still hanging out playing that creepy theremin in the greenhouse. She offers Zoe a valuable piece of jewelry in case she needs money in an emergency and she gives her plane tickets to get out of town with Kyle. Madison is very upset that he has chosen Zoe as his one and only (although Evan Peters and Emma Roberts are actually engaged in real life). Kyle hesitates to leave because he is scared he might hurt people or even worse, kill Zoe in a fit of anger. But she manages to convince him and the two flee like Myrtle has suggested.

Will Zoe return when the coven is in trouble? Is Queenie the supreme? What did you think about this episode? Let us know!