‘American Horror Story Coven’ Recap: ‘Go To Hell’

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Is that bitch dead yet?

On the latest episode of FX’s American Horror Story Coven, Queenie is worried about Marie Laveau, who has mysteriously disappeared. She has to visit the underworld, her own personal hell, and meet with Papa Legba to found out the truth.

For Queenie, hell is her old job at the chicken shack fast food chain and a never-ending line of customers who treat her like garbage. She isn’t exactly shocked when she learns the truth.

Queenie now knows what we’ve known since last week, that LaLaurie hit her limit and chopped Marie into pieces before scattering her all over Nawlins. Papa Legba says that LaLaurie can’t die without Marie dying also. But since Marie is in pieces and can’t offer up a sacrifice, her contract is null and void. Which hopefully means Queenie can end that cray cray bitch LaLaurie once and for all.

LaLaurie now runs the museum tours of her own home, changing the facts so that they reflect better on her and keeping the head tour guide in the famous torture attic. She admits to killing over sixty two slaves. As it turns out, Marie’s hell is having to kill LaLaurie’s innocent daughters over and over forever while LaLaurie’s hell is having to watch this take place over and over forever. Their fates are intertwined.

Fiona has arranged for Queenie to perform the seven wonders and prove she is the supreme on Saturday, but the girl is suspicious that Fiona wants the witches to show which one is the next in line for leadership and then kill them once they’ve proven their powers.

According to MTV, the seven wonders are as follows: “telekinesis (to control objects with the mind), concilium (to control someone’s mind), transmutation (transporting oneself to another location), divination (to see the future), vitalum vitalis (to bring a person back from the dead), descensum (to move between life and the afterlife) and pyrokinesis (to control fire with the mind).”

Now that Cordelia has gouged her eyes out in order to regain the sight, she hounds Madison for answers about Misty Day’s disappearance. Madison doesn’t reveal anything, even after the headmistress tries to touch her and connect with the spiritual world for answers. It’s only after Fiona offers up her most priced piece of jewelry to Cordelia that she regains some of the sight and goes with Queenie to the cemetery to retrieve Misty.

Misty is pretty angry and bitch slaps the hell out of Madison. While they’re fighting, the Axeman shows up and tries to kill them. But they overpower him. Cordelia realizes that the blood he is covered in is that of Fiona. After paying him a visit earlier, Cordelia convinced him that her mother was going to leave him, which was true. After chopping her up he threw her into the swamp and the crocs ate her up. Will she return? Anything is possible at this point.

Kyle and Zoe return because he killed an angry homeless dude. The group hangs up Fiona’s portrait in the living room where she requested. Now that the gang is all back together, they will all perform the seven wonders and find out who the next supreme will be.