‘American Horror Story Coven’ Recap: ‘Fearful Pranks Ensue’

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This means war!

Now that Queenie has been discovered in the green house with Marie Laveau’s minotaur, Fiona the supreme sends a pretty clear message in the form of a head in a box.

Marie is infuriated and wakes an army of zombies to take out her revenge once again.

Flashback to the 1960’s when tensions were high during the civil rights movement. A woman in Marie’s hair salon is excited to send her son to an integrated school where he will get a better education. Marie warns against it, but it is too late as the boy is hung from a tree by a bunch of idiot ass hat white supremacist douche tards. Marie awakens the dead and has them feast upon these horrible human beings as revenge for the murder of the young boy.

In present day Fiona finds Queenie in the greenhouse and realizes the minotaur attacked her. She breaths life back into Queenie then sends the minotaur’s head back to Marie in a box. Marie is extremely angry and awakens the dead for Fiona’s sake. It’s the Salem witches versus the voodoo witches and it’s an all out war.

Zoe is still with Kyle where he is banging his head against a bath tub because he recently killed his own mother. Zoe goes to get him something to eat and even puts rat poison in it assuming that Kyle the frankenstein monster is evil when really he was taking out revenge on a sexually abusive incestuous mother. He wanders out amongst trick-or-treaters before Zoe realizes he is gone.

Meanwhile Cordelia’s husband is on a business trip away from home when a sexy redhead arrives at his hotel suite. They bang it out violently and then have breakfast. The two met online and she is excited about a new relationship, but the dude shoots her in the head and kills her.

The witch council shows up to the school and starts questioning Cordelia and Fiona regarding the missing Madison Montgomery. They think she is dead and has been killed by Fiona. They also accuse Fiona of killing her predecessor Annaleigh. Flashback to 1971 when red headed Myrtle puts a spell on Spalding whom she knows witnessed Annaleigh’s murder. He can only speak the truth from now on. Rather than tell on Fiona, he locks them both in the bathroom and confesses his love to her before cutting out his own tongue. Now he spends his days playing dolls in the attic and dressing up Madison’s dead body.

The council assumes that Madison is the next supreme, but Cordelia denies it saying that another girl will be the next supreme because she must be in perfect health. Madison has a heart murmur.

LaLaurie hands out candy until the zombies show up, three of which are her daughters whom Marie Laveau hung by ropes 180 years ago. I wonder how the girls are going to get out of this mess.