American Cinematheque Award Gala: Jennifer Aniston Steals The Show In Valentino [PHOTOS]

November 16th, 2012 // Leave a Comment

Once again, Jennifer Aniston was prom queen at yet another gala.  The occasion: Last night’s 26th American Cinematheque Award Gala honoring Ben Stiller.  Aniston’s job: Presenting a video pack of her Along Came Polly co-star.

Per usual, Aniston looked ridiculously amazing in a black and white Valentino gown, which she accessorized which her enormous engagement ring, and an even bigger tennis bracelet (really, how large a diamond can fit on such a dainty wrist?).

She-who-never-ages brought along fiance Justin Theroux, who himself looked dapper as hell in tuxedo.  The couple chatted with Laura Dern as they all took their seat a table, and then Aniston took to the stage to accept her homecoming crown introduce some footage of Stiller. 

“His package is surprisingly large,” she joked to the audience, according to E! Online. “Very expansive, and its lasting power speaks for itself.

My favorite part of the whole night?  When Aniston put on her aviator spectacles.  Hey, even the most gorgeous of women have crappy eyesight.

By Kelly Lynch

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