America To Pick Justin Timberlake’s New Partner

The online talent contest entitled “My Grammy Moment” is currently being held to help find an onstage partner with whom Justin Timberlake can perform at the Feb. 11th Grammys. The three finalists will be selected by Feb. 4th and the winner, who will be determined by an online and text-message vote, will be announced right before the lucky performer will hit the stage with the SexyBack singer.

“I was hands-on,” Timberlake tells PEOPLE. “I looked at some tapes and gave my opinion.”

Hmm. Hands-on? I bet you were, you newly single dog, you. I wonder if there were any private auditions involving the contestants receiving a simple yet meaningful gift in a box from Mr. Timberlake. And by I wonder, I mean, do any of you possibly have footage of this hypothetical scenario?