America Talks About Her Rough Beginnings

In keeping with my love affair with America Ferrera, the adorable star of “Ugly Betty,” I’m going to be raving about her throughout the rest of this post. I’m just giving you fair warning.

An article in the esteemed publication, the National Enquirer, revealed that Ferrera’s childhood was a volatile one. America said that she would shut out the sounds of her parents fighting by “acting out plays in my head” as a means of escape. After her parents divorced, America and her five siblings were the sole charge of their single mother. At the tender age of eight, America ventured into the world of acting in school plays and community theater.

But it wasn’t just her family life that was a struggle. America’s self-image was a sore spot for the young actress growing up.

“I’d look in the mirror and cry, thinking I was too fat,” she admitted. “But today I feel beautiful and far from the ugly duckling I appear to be on screen.”

Well, girl, don’t feel too bad. We all know that under those hideous sweater-vests and monster braces, there is some very enormous cleavage. And really, isnt’ that what really counts?