“America Idol”s Jessica Sierra Spices Up Her Recent Arrest With A Dash Of Sex Tape

I can only envision the hellish trailer park this one went back to after she got booted out by Paula, Simon and that “dog” guy. Jessica Sierra, recently arrested in Tampa for disturbing the peace and making some major trouble for the cops during her arrest, has a sex tape coming out. I’ve seen a picture from it, and it’s nothing nice. I’m wondering what kind of dude wants to see something that floppy, sitting in a bathtub and smoking a cigarette. Seriously, they’re almost dangling in the water. Not cute. The video was allegedly shot sometime this year in a no-doubt luxurious motel room, and will be released by a “major porn company” sometime this month. Recently, an audiotape of the night Jessica got busted (her second bust this year) has surfaced. It’s of essica phoning her poor aunt from the lock-up and saying “I din’t get any in no fights” and referring to the cops as “stupid f*cking crackers.” Why doesn’t this girl have a recording deal? We need powerful figures like this, spreading their truth far and wide. She’s a role model for all our children.

Photos: WENN