America Ferrera Once Felt Like an Ugly Betty

January 26th, 2007 // 2 Comments

The recent Golden Globe winner admits that she was a real-life Ugly Betty when she first tried to get work in Hollywood. She initially felt confident about herself when she arrived in Hollywood, but once she started going to auditions, she immediately realized all the other actresses were skinny and perfect.

Ferrera told Hello magazine: “I didn’t know how fat and ugly I was until I started going to auditions. I don’t feel that way inside.

“To me, it seems like the roles that mean something, the roles that really delve in and make people feel connected to it and make me feel connected to it, are roles that are flawed and the roles that nobody else wants to play.”

“I never wanted top be a model. I never wanted to do ads for skincare.

“If I’m in the spotlight for something like ‘Top Sexiest Girls Between 21 and 22′, that’s a little uncomfortable because it’s not based on who I really am.”

You go girl!

America Ferrera’s ‘Ugly’ worries [azcentral]

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By Jessica Marx

  1. she is gross people act like curves mean you are gross scarlett jojhansson,beyonce (sometimes),fantasia, lindsey those are curves america ferreera has a big nose and akward body MOnique looks good but America Ferrera is akward looking

  2. Yeah, I’m with Loob.

    America shows that it doesnt matter if your skinny or curvy to be what you want to be.

    how are curves gross Sasha?

    Learn some grammar.

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