America Ferrera: Next Stop, Movie Career

America Ferrera looks amazing at the premiere of her new film Our Family Wedding. It reminds me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding mixed with Guess Who with Ashton Kutcher and I’m hoping it’s more like the former, because girl needs a movie career. Ferrera is filming her last episodes of Ugly Betty after the shows cancellation (tear), but the good news is she is pleased with how the scriptwriters ended the show.

‘I love the show. I love the cast. love my character and I’m just grateful that I’m going to have a chance to see her through her journey and that we can wrap it up in a way that is satisfying versus it being: “Oh well, that was your last episode and you don’t get to finish this up”.’

While she’s leaving the Ugly Betty party too soon, at least she has a glamorous movie after party to go to. She met up with her costars Forest Whitaker and Regina King for some good times as well as the ANTM winner that I thought was named Eva Pigford, but is now going by Eva Marcille.