America Ferrera Gets Teary Over Canceled ‘Ugly Betty’

America Ferrera broke down in tears Sunday night at the Imagen Awards when accepting her award for Best Television Actress. She won at the ceremony for Latino actors for her work on the tragically canceled Ugly Betty.  

“I’m going to try and not cry right now,” Ferrera said, already in tears. “I just love her [Betty]. I love the show. It was a period of my life that was just magical.”

Someone called out from the crowd “We’re sad!” We’re sad too! But the girl can cheer up a little: she’s got a new rock on her finger from fiance Ryan Piers-Williams and a healthy film career in front of her.

“I know I’m very excited about my
future,” Ferrera said. “I’m not afraid I’m not going to work again.
That’s not why I’m crying.” It’s because sometimes, goodbyes come a little too soon. RIP Ugly Betty