America Ferrera Talks To A Few People About Hillary Clinton

Here’s America Ferrera stumping for Hillary Clinton at a bar in Allentown, Pennsylvania. America’s a cutie. Some of these other Hollywood-types would only appear at a glittery fundraising function complete with ball gowns and loads of coke. America will go to the barroom and appear before Fitzie the drunk and a barmaid to pull for her candidate. She’s good people.

America appeared at Medina’s Hotel Grand as part of Hillary’s March Madness: Final Four Days campaign to get people registered to vote before Monday’s big deadline.

She told a crowd of about fifty people that Hillary Clinton “stands up for us. Now is our time to stand up for her.”

Hilary campaigners didn’t sound like they had much success with the people waiting here in Allentown. Spokeswoman Denene Wambach said “a lot,” when asked how many people they had gotten to register. When pressed for an exact number, she replied “tons.” Hmmm. Hillary obviously needs a doll and an appearance on The View. Stat.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN