America Ferrera Speed Dates In Web Series ‘Christine’ [VIDEO]

Rob & Kristen Date Night
Rob and Kristen are seen leaving Hotel Cafe.
America Ferrera has a brand new web series call Christine. The show is a funny and poignant new web series that centers around the messy world of speed dating. Ferrara plays Christine, a 29-year-old grad student looking for love at a speed dating night.

In each episode one encounter of her speed dating night is played out. As speeding dating typically goes, some are great, some are awkward and some are just plain awful.

But as the men open up to Christine about their lives and what they are looking for in an ideal partner, Christine’s own intentions grow more and more unclear.

“With each guy that sits in front of Christine, the relationship becomes something completely different…and unexpected,” remarked Ferrera. “And I think she’s taken by surprise by it and so are the men that are sitting across from her.” 

The director of the series, Rodrigo Garcia, commented, “I love the speed dating scenario because it addresses right away my favorite mystery: identity. Who is this person really, and what does she want for herself?”

You must check out the series. I’m a huge America Ferrara fan and she just shines in this series.

After you’ve fallen in love with Christine, you must check this out. Mark your calendars for Friday (8/10) at 11am PT/2pm ET. Writer/director, Rodrigo Garcia, will be answering questions about the Christine finale from @WIGS on Twitter. Ask your “Christine” questions to @WIGS and #christinefinale, and don’t forget to catch up on the series before the finale.