Amber Heard Embraces Her New Step Mom Role

Amber Heard Is Sexy
Amber Heard gets slinky for Ferragamo fragrance launch.
When Amber Heard said yes to Johnny Depp’s proposal, she not only got an amazing movie star fiance – she also got his kids.

27-year-old Amber Heard is about to become the step mom to 14-year-old Lily Rose and 11-year-old Jack. Amber and Lily Rose were seen out shopping together, and scarily enough the pair looked much more like sisters than mother and daughter. The two blonds grabbed a late lunch and then shopped till they dropped, laughing and smiling the whole time.

Amber Heard is said to get along wonderfully with both kids, even from the beginning of her and Johnny Depp’s relationship that began in late 2012. Taking a 14-year-old girl shopping definitely wins Amber some mom points, that’s for sure. Lily Rose and Amber even look alike – good call, Johnny!

Despite the bonding, who knows how long Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will actually last. Johnny Depp has had three engagements, one marriage, and many relationships. His cast aside ladies include Vanessa Paradis, Jennifer Grey, and Winona Ryder. Congrats on the engagement and the approval of the kids, Amber, but be careful. Your man’s list of career successes is long and impressive, but his relationship successes? Not so much.