Amber Heard Cleans Up Well

Amber Heard looked amazing last night at the premiere of her newest film, Drive Angry 3D (out Friday). This is not surprising considering she is nominated for the ‘Cause You’re Hot award for the NewNowNext Awards. She deserved to wear that gorgeous strapless gown. After all, she did do all of her own stunts in the movie!

I really appreciated the fact that she wanted to do all of her stunts in order to make the movie convincing. She had such a great time playing Piper, a coffee shop waitress that helps Nicholas Cage’s character take down a satanic cult, that she wants to do more action packed roles in the future. “I loved it. I found a niche for myself and Piper has set the bar high for my next character. I would come home exhausted, bruised, cut, scraped with every muscle sore. But there was something quite nice about that.”

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I cannot wait to see if she uses her new skills in her upcoming movie with Johnny Depp, The Rum Diary, which is due out later this year!