Amandla Stenberg Responds To ‘Hunger Games’ Racist Tweets

The Hunger Games
Stars from the movie pose for Vanity Fair.
There have been some racist tweets popping up about The Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg, coming from teenagers who didn’t picture the petite star to play Rue.

Though Rue was described as having “dark brown skin” in the book by Suzanne Collins, some movie-goers felt it necessary to voice their opposition.  “Awkward moment when Rue is some black girl and not the innocent blonde girl you picture,” one tweet read, according to the Huffington Post.  

“Kk call me racist but when i found out rue was black her death wasn’t as sad #ihatemyself,” was another tasteless comment from the ignorant peanut gallery.

Stenberg released a statement to Us Weekly following the racist remarks about her casting: “As a fan of the books, I feel fortunate to be part of ‘The Hunger Games’ family. It was an amazing experience. I am proud of the film and my performance. I want to thank all of my fans and the entire ‘Hunger Games’ community for their support and loyalty.”