Amanda Seyfried Star Is On The Rise But Her Movies Still Suck

Critics think Amanda Seyfried better get some quality films under her belt if she wants to keep that blossoming career alive. Her newest film Letters to Juliet leaves much to be desired, critics agree.

While the beautiful young actress has much to smile about, including three new movies released within months of each other and a loving boyfriend in Mammia Mia! costar Dominic Cooper (pictured together at the Juliet premiere in New York on Saturday), most of thes films have left critics less than thrilled. Recently Chloe received lackluster reviews and while box office hits like Dear John might keep her foot in Hollywood, Seyfried is beginning to be seen  as little more than a money-maker.

“Letters to Juliet
figures all you need to woo a certain kind of moviegoer is miles of
gorgeous scenery, an unquestioning belief in destiny and the large-eyed
presence of Amanda Seyfried,” one critic writes. Where did the sheer comic brilliance Seyfried showed in Mean Girls go? Let’s hope maybe the talented actress can start making some better film calls.