Amanda Bynes’ Retirement Lasts Less Than Two Months

Of course she’s returned from retirement. What is a 24-year-old girl who has only been an actress going to do aside from be an actress? Well, she could do a number of things obviously but she’s just decided to go back to acting. Yes, I’m talking about that liar Amanda Bynes.

In June, she announced her retirement from the business by saying she didn’t love acting anymore. Well, this weekend she changed her tune. I’m not sure what spurred her to return, but she does have a new film coming out this fall where she plays – guess what – a high school teen in a romantic comedy!

I’m sure she has problems being typecast and roles being terribly dumb – because that’s what I’ve thought about every part she’s been in. I like her generally, but I think she needs a gritty drama or some kind of extreme departure from her usual quirky, funny parts.