Amanda and Peter From Melrose Place Stage A Sexy Reunion

February 27th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Totally hot. Aaron Spelling is smiling down from TV Mogul Afterlife, and it’s not because his daughter’s about to spawn. It’s because the hottest celebrity ever Heather Locklear is towing around Jack Wagner! Screw David Spade’s whiny girl-ass! This is one for the ages! Amanda Woodward reuniting with the guy who tried to kill her on Melrose! I’m waiting for Brooke to crawl out of the apartment complex pool to haunt them, or Alison to get drunk and overcome her blindness and come up with an amazing advertising campaign because one bad ad can ruin your whole day and Sydney and Michael to scheme! God, those were the days. Not to mention, he was Frisco Jones on GH! I’m having a pop culture orgasm. I wonder if Felicia Jones is pissed? She’s not on the show anymore, but she was married to Jack in real life. Life isn’t good until it intersects with TV fantasy.

Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner turned heads when they showed up holding hands at Dreamworks chief Jeffrey Katzenberg’s The Night Before party at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Feb. 24!

“They looked very much like a couple – they seemed very comfortable together,” an observer tells Star. “They stayed close to each other during the party and they even left hand in hand.”

Locklear, 45, and soap star Wagner, 47, go way back. They were co-stars on the hot 90s prime-time soap, Melrose Place. Locklear dated comic David Spade after her breakup with rocker Richie Sambora last year. Wagner was married to soap opera actress Kristina Wagner, but according to reports, he has been separated from his wife since 2005, when they filed for divorce.

If he sings “All I Need” to her, I will swoon.

By J. Harvey

  1. creativegirl

    Holy COW!

    I thought he got back with his wife, I don’t think they are officially divorced.

    HOLY COW! I feel exactly the same way you do.

    I absolutely have loved Jack Wagner since his days on GH – I met him in person when he was doing Jekyl & Hyde on Broadway in 2000 and at that time he supposedly had a fling with his co-star in the production which led his wife Kristina (aka GH’s Felicia) to file for divorce, but they supposedly worked things out and got back together.

    In all honesty I haven’t kept up with him much in later years since he joined B&B, but this will be exciting news for sure if it’s true!

  2. Carla

    Too bad he left kristina, who looks so beautiful and natural, and goes for someone who looks so plastic thesedays. I hope that kristina will find a hotter and more sincere guy than this guy.

  3. Loob

    The best thing I ever saw Jack Wagner do was a guest spot on Mad TV, in which he played a guy in an office who had to put on a wig and makeup any time he needed to order office supplies.
    He would put on progressively scarier and sexier? wigs, depending on the value of the item he needed,
    and each time he returned from office supply, his makeup was smeared all over him and he had a traumatised look in his eyes.
    It was hilarious! :D

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