Amanda Seyfriend Flashes Her ‘Red Riding Hood’ In Newest Trailer

Just like a pair of my favorite Christian Louboutins, the sensuous red that splashes across the trailer for Red Riding Hood makes me thirsty for some of the hotness that’s bound to come out of this new movie. (Clearly, my girl Kim Kardashian is already a fan.) In the film, Amanda Seyfried plays the doe-eyed heroine Valerie, who’s caught between two gorgeous men vying for her affection, all while battling an enemy just waiting to kill her.

Sound familiar? coughTWILIGHTcough.

The movie is directed by the original Twilight director, Catherine Hardwicke and I pray to the sweet Lord above that she pulled some clout and had Taylor Lautner make a surprise appearance as the big, bad wolf.  Wouldn’t that be genius, Twihards?

Watch the Red Riding Hood trailer after the jump and soak up some more Amanda and Justin Timberlake goodness by checking out the gallery of the two hotties on set in Los Angeles filming their movie, Now.