Amanda Seyfried & Justin Long Are Exactly The Adorable Couple You Want Them To Be

Amanda At Givenchy
Amanda Seyfried looked glam at Givenchy's runway show.
Oh goodness gracious me, look at all this adorable going on.

I mean sure, I’d seen photos of new couple Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long before, but there’s just something so sweet and endearing about the duo walking her dog during a New York City night.

The couple was spotted strolling and holding hands in the Big Apple last night after arriving in NYC earlier in the day. Guys, there are some seriously precious photos in the gallery of Justin lovingly kissing Amanda’s head. 

Now, would it be considered too early in their relationship to hope that they get married? I mean, has Justin seen how amazing Amanda looks on the red carpet? He’s gotta lock that down! She’s a hot commodity, young man. Luckily, judging by these photos she seems pretty into him, so I don’t think Amanda will be going anywhere soon.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the couple. Ahh, summer romances. Sometimes they last and hopefully this is one of those. Think it is? Sound off in the comments!