Amanda Bynes Wants To Look Like Stripper Blac Chyna, We Think She’s Succeeding

Amanda Bynes Arrested
Bynes leaves police station following arrest for DUI
Ready for the latest crazy in Amanda Bynes world?

So yesterday we heard about how Amanda refuses to be friends with ugly people, but today we got even more awesomeness from her InTouch interview.

According to Amanda, her latest look isn’t all her own. When asked to explain her cheek piercings, she told the magazine, ” I wanted to look like [stripper] Blac Chyna.” See that girl in the picture to the right? That’s Blac Chyna. I’d say that Amanda is succeeding her bid to look like a stripper. So what else did we learn about the new Amanda? 

Well, apparenlty shaving her hair wasn’t a fashion decision, it was done after a bad dye job, “Yes, I had to shave my head. It’s so annoying to have no hair at 27. I have extensions that I love but I miss my own hair.”

And finally, the pièce de résistance is where Amanda sees herself in 5 years, “Happily married!” Sure, if you can find someone who’s into your current crazy, then why not. We are slowly hitting the point where Amanda Bynes isn’t even interesting anymore, she’s just becoming sad. What do you guys think of the subject? Sound off in the comments.