Amanda Bynes Is Officially Insane, Calls Zac Efron Ugly

Amanda Bynes, your schtick is getting very old, very fast.

Bynes tweeted at 7:00 AM this morning:

@zacefron has an ugly face

Let’s just say, Twitter was not impressed. Here are some responses to that tweet… 






I mean, seriously? Reactions like that go on and on.

This comes on the heels of her latest awful comment about Drake.

The 27-year-old tweeted that the GQ airbrushed Drake “to make his eyes look like he doesn’t have down syndrome.” She added, “@drake looks like shit both ways. I don’t like him, so stop thinking I do.”

Nice. She also tweeted this about her sister:

My sister Jillian Has An Ugly Face Don’t Worry Drake

Initially this was amusing. Now this whole thing has quickly become sad and pathetic. Is Amanda Bynes simply just a bitch, is she pulling a prank on all of us, is she actually bat shit crazy? Who the hell knows, and honestly at this point who the hell cares.

Go away Amanda Bynes, go away.

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