Amanda Bynes Is Blowing Out The Candles & Turning Twitter Crazy With 10 Of Her Insane Tweets & Pics

Amanda Bynes is approaching her 27th Birthday and  you would think this girl would be like a fine wine and get better with age, but NOPE! It has become the total opposite!

Instead, she just signed everyone up to watch her comeback of The Amanda Show. But this time its AIRing on Twitter. If you haven’t seen her crazy rampage of Tweets or Twit Pics, it’s about time you take a look so you can know what the real definition of psycho is. Maybe that’s why she hasn’t been verified by Twitter yet.

Not only did Bynes fill up Twitter with her insane Tweets, but she also showed us her blue lips, bleached blonde hair, and cheek piercings  setting a new record for selfies. Why did this retired actress fall down the rabbit hole? 

No one will ever know! But what we sure do know is that Bynes seems to be perfectly okay with being weird and chaotic. Seems like the actress is practicing a new way of life and not following the rule “think before you speak”. For her, thoughts are spilling out like crazy jumping beans. She’s saying crazy stuff like how she wishes rapper Drake would just “murder [her] vagina“. I know people have those crazy fantasy dreams of their crush but girl… come on you don’t need to tell the world.

If you still have an image of Amanda Bynes as a innocent pig-tailed Nickelodeon girl, you need to definitely check out the gallery to believe what we are talking about and Warning! Its a jaw dropper.