Amanda Bynes Doesn’t Listen To Us, Gets The Skrillex Haircut & Looks Ridiculous

Amanda Bynes' Twitter
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Amanda Bynes! Why? Why?!?!

Just in case you thought Amanda was through with doing crazy shit to her hair, you would be wrong. Despite the fact that we said people should stop getting the Skrillex haircut because it looks ridiculous, Amanda went out and got the haircut.

Does she think that this is a better look than those awful extensions she was wearing a few weeks back? Because it’s not. Sure the curls on the right side of her head might be cute, but the shaved side is not! 

Amanda was so proud of her hair, too. She posted the following Tweet:

No idea who Cassie is. And Amanda, no one loves this. Come on, can’t we just get our Amanda Show Amanda back? I miss her. Maybe this is all just one prolonged Amanda Show skit? One can only hope. What do you think of Amanda’s new hair? Sound off in the comments!