Amanda Bynes Covers Her Face With A Puppy, Did You Know She’s Rapping Now?

Amanda Bynes' Twitter
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Yeah, Amanda Bynes, this might not be your wisest choice.

The troubled actress was spotted in New York City yesterday (July 10) trying keep a low profile by covering her face with a puppy. And what an adorable puppy it is too!

Amanda made headlines earlier this week when she sported quite the lovely  blue wig to her court hearing. The hearing got pushed back till September, which now gives Amanda plenty of time to pursue her other latest love. 

Rapping. Yeah. That’s a thing. According to sources, Amanda is looking to get into the rapping game. Maybe she can get Drake to help her. Apparently Amanda thinks he’s stunning now. It’s true, she said so on Twitter.

Also, come on Amanda, you’re better than that blonde wig. I know you are. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Amanda and her puppy mask. Think she’ll make a rapping career work? Sound off in the comments!