Fergie Kisses the Plastic in the AMA Pressroom

Despite the fact that fall is upon us, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, practically everyone at the American Music Awards looks bronzed and sun-kissed, as if they’d just finished up a day of frolicking on the beach. Fergie’s showing some love to the award–initially confusing me because I thought it was Jessica Simpson for a moment, until I realized she’d really only been dating this year, not so much making albums. Carrie Underwood received a handful of the pointy awards, making me hope that there is an assistant behind the scenes ready to take those from her, lest she poke an eye out. Beyonce looked great, Celine Dion did too, although she did look a bit “Valley of the Dolls”–luckily, however, that is a look I fully enjoy and my heart will also go on. And you know how when asphalt gets hot, it gets all wavy and crazy-looking? That’s what I think happened to Snoop Dogg’s jeans.

Photos: WENN

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