Angie Harmon Bares All for Allure

Angie Harmon claims that she is ‘very, very modest,’ but admits that she came close to public nudity once on a private island in Bora Bora with husband Jason Sehorn.

‘We took one picture of our heads under the water,’ she said, ‘ But we can never develop the film because we don’t know what else is showing!’

(Side note: Angie, its called a digital camera. I’m sure you you can afford a waterproof one. Ask Miley Cyrus. She knows how it’s done.)

All that is about to change though, when Allure releases their latest issue featuring nude photos of Angie and 4 other actresses.

‘The hardest part was when the robe came off and I was like, “And now I’m… naked.” You wonder if they can see your Caesarean scar.’ Angie said.

Caesarean scar? Nope, thanks to all the apparent airbrushing and photoshop effects.

Makes you wonder why someone as skinny as Angie Harmon needs to be airbrushed. Also included in the feature are Gabrielle Union, Zoe McLellan, Jill Scott, and Anna Ortiz.

Allure should have hired Carson Kressley to help out on this shoot.

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