Alli Sims Steps Up Her Master Plan

It’s all coming together for this chick. Phase One is now complete! Britney’s cousin and former assistant has updated her website with a new pic and a bio and..A SONG! Now, don’t toss me out of the fag’s union but I’ve never actually seen “Les Miserables”. That’s what this song is from I guess. Some French guy steals a loaf of bread and tragedy ensures? I don’t have time to hit Wikipedia. The boyfriend loves that mess. Anyway, she’s rocking this tune as badly as you think she would. I have nothing to compare it to, but I think that big stripper choker she keeps wearing in the pics could sing better. Judge for yourself.

p.s. She doesn’t mention Britney in her bio. She needs to walk a fine line, if ya know what I’m sayin’.

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