Alleged Fashion-Designing Rapist Has A History Of Creepy Behavior


This situation make me not want to pursue my career as a glamorous teen model. *crickets* What, I’m beautiful! And I haven’t eaten a thing since 1982! Anyway, Anand Jon Alexander was a little shady even before his current legal situation .

The source added that before Jon was arrested March 13 on 20 counts of assault – including two counts of rape – “he always had young girls around. They may have been over 18, but they didn’t look it.”

One of Jon’s former publicists, Chris Hulbert, who long ago distanced himself from the accused assailant, told Page Six that a few years ago the down-and-out designer advanced on Hulbert’s 19-year-old date at a Manhattan club.

“He put his hand around her neck and said ‘You have a very comfortable neck, would you like to have sex with me?’ She was really creeped out.”

That’s a sexy invite. Why don’t you just Taser her ass, Blunty? No dinner? Not even an ice cream? Keep reading for more on Alexander, including his tactic of using his press clippings to try and get laid. Apparently that wasn’t working…

Page Six’s source said Jon would lure girls with promises of fame, world travel and glamour. “He would carry around a press book with all his clippings and show it to people at parties,” said one former friend.

“He shows these girls books about himself. and they . . . get wrapped up in his smoke and mirrors. He reels girls . . . into situations by asking them to come along with him and his crew.”

Alexander’s attorney is saying (and he has a point) that “all up-and-coming celebrities try to promote themselves. It’s not inconsistent with other young up-and-coming celebs to self-promote.” True. But carrying around a big photo album of how amazing you are? I’m going to start that. Here’s me at three, naked and peeing on a lawn chair in the backyard. Sullen at 10, because I didn’t get Break Dancing Barbie for my birthday. Here’s me at the prom with my 400lb date who bought her own corsage because she didn’t trust me to pick out a good one. HELLO, I’m GAY! Dumbass.