Alleged Chris Brown Nude Photo Leaks

March 5th, 2011 // 8 Comments

The photo in question sure does look like Chris Brown. The tattoos and the hair matches up with Chris Brown’s current look. As for what is revealed in the photo (check out the NSFW photo here) – one very long penis. On the skinny side, but he has been blessed in the length category.

PHOTOS: Chris Brown Holds On To His Package For Dear Life

Fans of Chris Brown are doubting the authenticiy of the photo, saying that it must be Photoshopped. Perez Hilton is claiming that one of Brown’s ex-girlfriends leaked the photo. The timing of this is also a little suspect, due to the fact that his latest CD, “F.A.M.E.”, is slated to be released March 22.

Do you think that the photo is authentic? Share you thoughts in the comments.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. twinkle


    • milli

      well he is black

      what did you expect?

    • Beverly Peterson

      What do you mean by that trailer trash! Are you jealous ? I bet you wish you could have him ! What kinda name is Milli anyway? I know you live in a trailer park! You Bitches dont have to look at oyr Black Men, but you want him that’s your problem! Bitch you dont see Black people in Nudist camps only your nasty trailer park friends! Take that and smoke it HOE!

  2. ashlyn

    Where is everyone seeing the uncensored photo?

  3. Weez

    I heard its tiny.

  4. Renee

    i love chris brown & i was going to buy the F.A.M.E. album but now after this i mite get 2 of them jawns! LMFAO but serriously obviously he set this up cus his hair was blond in the pic & claimed his x sent it…i dnt knw bout u but i def wouldnt send my x recent nude pix of me but he basically told u wat he was goin 2 do in the “LOOK AT ME NOW” song… check it:

    “Ooops, I said on my d-ck
    I aint really mean to say on my d-ck
    But since we talking about my d-ck
    All of you haters say hi to it ”

    -nuff said

  5. kimani
    Commented on this photo:


  6. Ty

    Damn!! Can IIIII see his dick? I cant find the photos anywhere! lol

  7. g-robs
    Commented on this photo:

    extremely wowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,i mean wat wud we expect,he’s drop dead sexy,lyk…, i wouldnt mind leaving wit him once in a while,jst 4 da view hey,LOL!!!!!!

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