The Jolie Pitts Head To Paris And We Spy The Twins

Since they arrived in Italy Angelina Jolie has had more family outings that Mary Poppins. Some people suspect that the public family unit is a rebuttal to the most recent break up rumors. Motives or not, Angelina spent a lot of time exploring with the family, even bringing her estranged father Jon Voight on her last outing. Don’t screw it up, Jon.

Now the whole brood packed up for a trip to Paris where Jolie will be filming scenes for The Tourist.  They are then likely to return to Italy for the rest of filming. Here’s the WHOLE family making their exit, which means we have the twins!  No drawing straws on this trip.

Debate is still brewing over who the little one they brought out with Zahara was, since the little look alike is bigger than Knox and smaller than Shiloh. It could be a friend of Zahara’s or these two just are just picking up any stray child they see now.