All It Takes is a Few Balloons to Keep Christina Aguilera Happy

She’s such a simple girl. As shown by these photos from Nylon. The singer revealed that she’s touched by the simplest of gestures – a morning Post-It love note by the bed. A box of chocolates. Ah, young love.

The Beautiful singer, who wed the marketing whizz-kid in November 2005, insists the couple constantly leave “cute” surprises and gifts for one another. She says, “He’ll fill my room with balloons and I really won’t be expecting it. I’ll come into the room and there will be balloons everywhere and a card and my favourite chocolates all around.

“And I’m always sending cards when I can, just cute little love notes. He always leaves Post-Its by my bed when I wake up in the morning telling me how much he loves me.

“It might all sound gushy stuff, but it feels good. He is the best.”

Alright, I guess I’m just a tad jealous.

Christina Aguilera’s Nylon photo layout is after the jump.

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