All is Not Well In Madge-World


The Daily Mail has a long article about how Madonna’s personal life is looking a little rough lately. Apparently, David’s father is still unaware that orphanages will let people adopt their orphans, Guy’s acting stank, and New York is looking very comforting to her right now. Read on.

Now the Mail has learned that David’s father, Yohane, is so concerned about his 15-month-old son that he is making arrangements to fly to England to demand assurances that David is happy and well. The peasant farmer is furious at a “total lack of communication” from Madonna and the Malawian adoption ministry.

Meanwhile, relations between Madonna and her husband, Guy Ritchie, are said to be “seriously rocky”, with the film director repeatedly berating her for the way she has handled the situation and rejecting out of hand Madonna”s pleas to adopt another African baby in the coming months.

Small wonder friends say that Madonna is at “her lowest ebb” and on the brink of fleeing the country for her old hometown of New York

If she moves back to the States, does this mean she has to return the accent? Finally? Please? YOU’RE FROM MICHIGAN!

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