All Hail the Queen!

For the love of all things homosexual, does anyone really believe that Prince Charles had a gay affair or liason?

London newspapers have been reporting on a story by a former bulter of Prince Charles’, George Smith, 43, who worked for Charles for 11 years until 1997. Smith says he witnessed a sexual incident involving Prince Charles and a former male royal aide. He is said to have recorded the encounter on audiotape.
Can you imagine what Prince Charles would sound like during gay sex? Eww.

Smith who in the past has made some allegations against what went on in the Royal Family, were never proven to be true. Charles of course released a statement saying that the charges were untrue, and that there were no plans to take legal action. If Tom Cruise was in this situation Mr. Smith would have been Pamela Mackey’d in a nanosecond.

All Hail the Queen!

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