All The Ladies Want Harry Styles & Try To Get Him In Paris

Harry Gets Inked
The One Direction cutie gets some new tattoos.
If only Harry Styles was a Kit Kat bar. Then we could break him off in pieces and everyone could have some!

I bet that’s what all the girls in France were wishing earlier today as they mobbed the One Direction singer as he tried to leave his Parisian hotel. Seriously, they are really going for it.

Harry had to be escorted out of the hotel by his bodyguards, who were able to create a sort of pathway between all the chaos. Aww, poor Harry does not look pleased by any of this. Still! He didn’t let it dampen his spirits. 

In fact, he is so taken with France, he needed to Tweet about it.

Harry, I’m sure France loves you right back. So, Harry has been pretty mum on his rumored relationship with Kimberly Stewart. Sure there were those photos of them together, but what if it was all a facade? Dun, dun, DUN!!!

Either way, I’m sure the ladies won’t ever stop trying to get a piece of Harry. Now we’ll have to see what happens when all the One Direction boys are together for the Parisian leg of their tour. Good luck, fellas! Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Harry and tell us if you think he’s looking a little distressed.