All Hail Queen Beyonce! The Diva Rules At The V Festival

Beyonce In A Bikini
Beyonce posted bikini pics on her Tumblr page.
Now we know why Beyonce had her extensions put back in. She needed some hair to flip while performing!

Despite the rain, Beyonce delivered an AMAZING performance during the V Festival opening night. The singer took to the stage in an embellished white leotard before changing into a leopard print green fringed dress, a black long-sleeved leotard, a purple glittering jumpsuit and a black and white top and white trousers.

The superstar closed the first night of the music extravaganza, as the likes of Niall Horan, The Saturdays and more watched her perform some of her greatest hits. 

The much loved set featured a string of smash hits from her solo career, including “Irreplaceable”, “Naughty Girl”, “Crazy in Love”, “1+1″ and “Why Don’t You Love Me”.

Check out all the pics of Beyonce performing at the V Festival by launching the gallery.

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