All Eyes Are On Miranda Kerr And Her Hot Pink Reebok Sneakers As She Greets Fans In Tokyo

Are You Surprised?
Miranda Kerr talks a potential lover she could have with GQ UK.
It’s not secret that companies often employ popular celebrities to become the “face” of their brand. I’d say Reebok made a brilliant decision in hiring Miranda Kerr. I mean, she wears her hot pink Reebok sneakers everywhere.

Three photos have been posted on her Instagram of her flaunting the footwear. When she arrived in Tokyo, Japan today (April 1), she decided to wear them there too.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have the urge to run to the store to buy my own pair.

The model stopped to sign autographs for her Japanese fans, looking more than happy to do so. I wonder how many people complimented her on her fashion choices. We already learned last week that she can make any outing a runway show.

While posing and chatting, she had a video recorded, and it was later shared on social media. You can view that below. I’ll warn you now that if you’re wearing your headphones, you might want to lower the volume.

I’m sure you can just imagine the exuberance these fans possess.

Launch our gallery to see more shots of the beauty and the huge bouquet she received! Do you love Kerr’s trainers as much as us? Let us know in the comments below!