Alicia Silverstone Remembers ‘Clueless’ Costar Brittany Murphy

More details have emerged surrounding the death of 32-year-old actress, Brittany Murphy. TMZ reports that Murphy had been suffering from flu-like symptoms for the past few days and was subsequently taking prescription medications. Early Sunday morning, Brittany started throwing up, collapsed in the bathroom and was found by her mother in the shower.

A snitch tells TMZ, “There were a lot … a lot of prescriptions in the house.” Various sources indicate that many of them were made out to Brittany, her mother and Brittany’s husband, Simon Monjack.

Brittany’s Clueless co-star, Alicia Silverstone reacted to the news by telling People magazine, “I feel love in my heart for her–and hope she is at peace. This is truly sad.” She adds, “I’m so saddened to hear this news. I loved working with Brittany. She was so talented, so warm, and so sweet.”

As for Murphy’s family, they’ve released a statement to OK! magazine, in which they say, “The sudden loss of our beloved Brittany is a terrible tragedy. She was our daughter, our wife, our love and a shining star. We ask you to respect our privacy at this time.”

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