Alicia Silverstone Needs More Action. The Sexy Kind.

For some reason, I always thought Alicia Silverstone got pregnant, was pregnant, or just gave birth and was no longer pregnant during the filming of ‘Batman & Robin’, and did not pull it off like Madonna did during her filming of ‘Evita’.  Apparently I was wrong because lady is talking about her meatless marriage to food, and how she can’t wait to have life spring forth from her loins.

While talking with People Magazine, she went down the list of projects she is involved and doing well with. Alicia is getting great reviews in the Broadway play ‘Time Stands Still’, celebrating 5 years with her musician hubby Christopher Jarecki, filming ‘Butter’ with Jennifer Garner in Louisiana, topping ‘The New York Times’ bestseller list with her vegan cookbook (pictured in the gallerty speaking at the 15th annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at UCLA on April 24, 2010), and hooking up with her ‘Clueless’ director Amy Heckerling, for upcoming vampire comedy ‘Vamps’.

Whew! Thats a lot of action for 1 woman.  When is Christopher gonna get the chance to knock her up?  Maybe after she’s done bleeding for ‘Vamps’? I’m just sayin’.