Alicia Keys Outfit Also Comes In Black

March 16th, 2005 // 9 Comments

Okay. We’ve got red, white and now black. When will the madness end!

(Thanks to Barbara for the photo.)

[photo courtesy of Getty images]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Tammy

    Ok, now you will not beleive this but good Lord it comes in Purple also.

  2. Maybe I could understand a little better if it actually ‘did something’ for her. But this is truly pathetic.- Miu, I’m coming to your town for St. Pattie’s Day!!

  3. MissNee

    See, ugly does come in all shades

  4. Laura

    I can’t see wearing something that emphasizes stretch marks so well.

  5. mediaphyter

    It’s actually one outfit, but changes color with her mood.

  6. jen

    WTF??? It’s not even a cute outfit? Somebody get her out of that fugly uniform!!

  7. Some artists have horrible concert attire. I’d say these outfits are less offensive compared to others, but still fugly nonetheless.

  8. bb

    i can’t help but wonder…and if the Monstruosity was engineered to show as much skin as possible while concealing her supposedly hairy chest?

  9. yayo

    yo F*k all yall haters this bitch is tha finest no matter wat chall say she can wear watever she wants and look good! FUK yall!!….

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