Alicia Keys Expecting Baby And Engaged To Controversial Swizz Beatz

All the rumors were true! How often does that happen?

Although they’ve been dating since the fall of 2008, Alicia Keys only first stepped out with her man, producer Swizz Beatz, in March. The timing may have something to do with the fact that Alicia is expecting! The announcement came after the two attended Thursday night’s (May 27) Black Ball fundraiser in London for Alicia’s Keep a Child Alive charity. That’s not all, the couple is also engaged. Reps confirmed to People that the nuptials will take place “in a private ceremony later this year.”

So what’s controversial about that? This is pretty standard in Hollywood these days.

Well, when the two met Swizz was actually married and had just had a child with wife Mashonda Tifrere. After Alicia tweeted a message about love back in September, Mashonda actually wrote an open letter to the singer that you can read here. While the letter makes it clear that Alicia is responsible for the marriage ending, it also sounds like Mashonda has came to peace with the situation. That’s good for the new little baby that’s coming into the picture. With all the good news for the star, we just hope this isn’t going to be Brit and KFed take two.