Alicia Keys On Telly

The hotness that is Ms. Alicia Keys is taking her act to television. She will be appearing as herself in an episode of the new CBS drama “Cane”. It’s about a Hispanic family that’s rich and in the sugar business. It stars Jimmy Smits, Hector Elizondo and hot old lady Rita Moreno. From “The Electric Company”! HEY, YOU GUYZZZ!! I would rather watch an interview with Alicia in which she opines about Kid Rock bitch slapping Tommy Lee in the face during her performance but good for her for continuing the multimedia onslaught.

She will perform “No One,” a song from her new CD, “As I Am,” and will interact in the episode with club owner Henry Duque (Eddie Matos). She’ll also have some dialogue with Pancho Duque (Hector Elizondo), Henry’s father who runs the Duque family’s rum-and-sugar cane empire (which is the basis for the series).

Being a ‘mo, I went to see Alicia Keys perform with Missy and Beyonce a couple of years back. Let me sum it up for you – Missy’s my girl but she should keep it in the studio, Beyonce is a little too impressed with herself and can’t sing a whole song, and Alicia Keys brings it. Brings it hard! I knew one song, but she’s sweaty good.