Alicia Silverstone Goes Sexy For Bullett Magazine [PHOTOS]

Alicia Silverstone Talks Poop
Alicia talks about poop with Oprah. Yup, Oprah.
Damn Alicia Silverstone, you are looking fabulous.

Everybody’s favorite 90’s icon showed off her fabulous body for Bullett Magazine, while channeling all sorts of Old Hollywood glamour. Now, do you think her body looks that fabulous because she’s vegan or because she works out?

Alicia talked to the magazine about her latest movie, Vamps the tale of two vampires out on the prowl for some men. The movie is written and directed by Amy Heckerling, the woman who first brought Alicia to fame in Clueless. The duo sat down to talk about what making Clueless was like and life after it. Check out some highlights from the interview after the jump!

So how was it the first time Alicia met Amy? “We met at this fancy-ish restaurant in Beverly Hills called Maple Drive. My agent told me that I’d be meeting an amazing director who’d done Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I was 17, so I didn’t really know what that meant, other than that it seemed important.”

For Amy, she knew Alicia to star at Cher Horowitz the first time she saw her. “I’d seen your Aerosmith videos…I’m always on the treadmill watching videos starring millions of supposedly hot girls. But I responded to you. You had personality and a soul. When I was writing the script for Clueless, I had a vague notion in my head of Cher as a pretty, sweet blonde, who, in spite of being the American ideal, people still really like.”

As for Vamps, according to Alicia, this isn’t normally the way we see vampires on screen. “These are do-gooder vampires and they go to the equivalent of AA meetings so they won’t drink people’s blood. Like you just said, this isn’t how you would usually see vampires.”

You can check out more of the interview over at Bullett. Don’t forget to launch the gallery to see all of Alicia’s sexy photo shoot. So, how much do you guys love Clueless? Looking forward to Vamps? Sound off in the comments!