Alicia Keys Wears A Foolish Headpiece To Chanel [PHOTOS]

March 6th, 2012 // 1 Comment

Ornate headpieces really bug me.  I don’t know why, but whenever I see them I get very, very agitated.  Kim Kardashian wore a ridiculous one and called herself and Armenian princess, which made me want to rip the damn thing off her head.  

Now we’ve got Alicia Keys wearing something equally as stupid at the Chanel show.

Keys has been seen at a few shows during Paris Fashion Week, but she’s managed to look great at all but Chanel’s.  Take that ridiculous off your head!  

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Backpack Hater

    Your hatred for headpieces is something you should probably look into. Why on earth would an accessory item incur such rage? I’m teasing, lol, I despise grown-ups wearing backpacks for no apparent reason as well. Logically, I know it’s a perfectly good way to carry stuff, but I still hate to see it lol.

    Anyway, as for the look, it doesn’t work for everyone, but Alicia has worn them before and for me she actually pulls it off. I love this entire look on her. It’s nicely cut, shimmery but simple and I think the headpiece creates a nice bit of drama to go with the whole crystal theme of Chanel’s show.

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