Alice Temperly Wants To Design Pippa Middleton’s Future Wedding Gown

28-year-old Pippa Middleton has been quite the talk of the town. Recently, she told off Prince Harry, calling him a ‘teenage chav’ and then attended good friend Alice Temperly’s fashion show looking super chic. Now she is spending all her time with another mystery man and friends are hearing wedding bells in the future. According to Daily Mail, Temperly is calling first dibs on the design for Pippa’s possible wedding gown.

“I’d love to dress Pippa for her wedding when it happens. She’s so beautiful – she’s perfect and her bum is perfect – it would be such an honour,” said Alice.

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Seen here, Pippa Middleton is out and about in London, England on Sept. 27th. I’m not loving Pippa’s ensemble here, but it’s all nicely coordinated. The A-line skirt isn’t my favorite and I wish she would throw in a pair of bright red flats or a different colored bag. Alice Temperly has known Kate and Pippa Middleton for years and says they are ‘impeccably mannered’. This boring outfit sure seems to attest to that statement.